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Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?
his is one of my most frequent questions, but I would like to start off by saying that if this is your first question, a bulldog may not be the breed for you. Initial cost of purchasing our Quality & structured female Frenchie ($7,000 and up),  the upkeep that is required for this breed of dog, the breeding with a male are bred by a veterinarian by artificial insemination (Inseminaton $150 - $300, Quality stud fee $2,000 - $5,000). The insemination only takes place after a series of blood tests determining ovulation and fertility of the female ($85 each blood test, can be done as many as 10 times). After the insemination takes place, mothers are given supplements daily to help them maintain a healthy pregnancy. 30 days post breeding, we confirm the pregnancy via ultrasound ($85), if the litter is viable and will be able to make it full term around day 55 an x-ray can be done to confirm how many puppies we can expect ($150).  When the puppies are born, they are not always able to be delivered naturally due to body shape and size of female so they are delivered by cesarean with our veterinarian ($800 - $3000). The next 8 weeks they will need around the clock care.  I sleep with mom and the puppies to make sure they are well.  The average litter size of a French Bulldog is 4 puppies and females only have 3 litters in a lifetime. The next 8 weeks are spent making sure your puppy is a healthy, happy, socialized with our family and potty trained.  We provide 24/7 care until the puppy goes to their family. The puppies are never left alone.  All are raised in a bedroom in my home where I sleep with them. No kennels or crates. Our puppies are never in a crate or sleep on wire crates, they sleep on a comfy bed.  This doesn't include the cost of the puppies parents, their upbringing, vet visits, genetic health testing and proper diet (organic human grade non gmo food). I also run background checks on every prospective person or couple that may purchase a puppy.  All these things factor into the price of a French Bulldog puppy from an ethical, caring reputable breeder. Exact prices of puppies are determined by color, markings,pedigree, and structure of each individual puppy. 

If the price is too good to be true, it is!!  Be careful!


What should a French bulldog look like and weigh? 

French bulldog should not weigh more than 28 lbs.  Please refer to the chart for how their structure should be and what to look for.  You will find many shapes and sizes but this is the quality & structure we aim to produce.  So when buying a puppy ask to see parents.  Make sure they are 5 panel clear min.. 



















Do non-standard colored French Bulldogs have a lot of allergy problems?
Blue, Chocolate or Lilac French Bulldogs are not more pre-disposed to allergies or any possible health concerns anymore so than their standard colored counterparts. Any veterinarian experienced with Frenchies can clarify this for you.


What should I feed my Frenchie?

I changed to Farmina. It’s imported from Italy/Europe. It’s human grade food. Real all Natural!!!  GMO free!  No meal or byproducts like almost every brand out there! Farmina has never had a recall!! Less $ than most higher end dog foods. Also serving size is less than others so cost is actually lower as food lasts longer!  

Farmina food is made with the best ingredients with the correct amounts of protein, fats, limited carbohydrates and advanced long life vitamins and minerals. The Natural & Delicious high protein, 20% Ancestral Grain formulas are comprised of 60% animal ingredients (pre-cooking weight), 20% organic spelt and organic oats and 20% vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. These diets are also quite different from competing foods because they use better quality protein sources that are devoid of bone, so ash is as low as 6.80% and calcium and phosphorous levels are controlled.


Normal brands do have the grain free formulas and have health issues that come with, but all formulas from Farmina have been tested against DCM - not one of the thousands of cases have had any Farmina fed, unless it was fed as part of a rotating brands/formulas. They don’t have the legumes most associated with the health problems.


Key Benefits

  • The #1 ingredient in this high protein, limited carbohydrate, and low fiber all life stage dog food is cod. It's been formulated with a universal kibble size, great for any breed.

  • 92% of protein is from quality animal sources which makes for a low ash content. Ingredients are also fresh and never frozen for optimum nutrition.

  • It's a low glycemic formula so it's a great option for pets that need a food that won't spike blood sugar.

  • This GMO-free formula doesn't contain peas, lentils, pea protein, chickpeas, or added plants oils.

  • Natural omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat while added pomegranate and berries are rich in antioxidants to help fight free radicals.


I do as well mix in lean ground sirloin 2/3 a week. Also on diff days twice a week I give an egg yolk. Great for their coat.  Any food that says byproducts or “meal” in ingredients is NO good if within 1st 3 ingredients. Should say things like Boar, lamb, greens beans etc. words of food you know and recognize. Never words you can’t pronounce or read. Please watch Pet fooled on Netflix!


You can order Farmina here. When u use this link they give u $10 off plus donate a bowl of dog food to Rescues! 

Or you can order from or use their store locator to find a store near you



One of the approved foods to prevent taurine deficiencies. And Quinn approved.


The shelf-life of the food is 18 months after packaging.  They use protective atmosphere packaging to guarantee the preservation of nutrients over time by isolating the kibbles from the outside world.

What products do you use for your paw and nose maintenance?
I use Nozzle Nectar or Organic Olive oil


Do you recommend a harness that is good for French Bulldogs? 
Yes!! I send your puppy home with a harness, starter bed, and proper chew toys. 

Are French Bulldogs high maintenance? 
French Bulldogs are consider a low maintenance breed, though some feel higher than normal.  They do need high quality dog food, their face wrinkles cleaned, nails clipped, and regular monthly bath. Mine love their oatmeal baths!  Lol

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?
French Bulldogs are not big barkers, but you will enjoy their snoring and farts! Lol They will bark to alert you of someone approaching our home or when they are excited to see you!

Are French Bulldogs good watch dogs?
French Bulldogs can make good watch dogs as they only bark when a stranger approaches you or your home. 

Are French Bulldogs good companion dogs?
They are the BEST companion dogs.  They are fun, entertaining and loving.  They have great human like personalities and each has their own individual quirks and they are great with children!

How do Frenchies take to apartment living?
Frenchies do well in apartment living because they are "low maintenance" dogs. They can not be outside for long periods of time in the heat. Though they love to run freely in your yard if u have one. Otherwise they will run around in your apartment lol. Frenchies are relatively small weighing between 18-25 pounds, and they love to cuddle!!!

Are French Bulldogs sociable?
Frenchies are very sociable and need to be socialized starting at a young age. Puppies purchased from us will be socialized to other dogs, children, loud noises etc. All of our puppies are raised in our home and each puppy gets love and attention. After your puppy has received its final set of shots at the age of 14-16 weeks, you will want to allow your puppy to be social with other animals, and other people, bring your puppy in the car and on adventures, this helps your puppy grow into a socialized dog that will not have fear of the unknown, and creates a better quality of life for both the Frenchie and their owner. Your Frenchie should NEVER be crated up for long stretches of time.  If you need to go to work, I love to use a baby a playyard with their crate (bed inside crate), water and a peepee pad.  When you’re home you can leave the gate open for them to go in/out at their leisure. 

Are French Bulldogs good with children? 
Yes!  They do well with children as long as they are socialized at an early age.  Which I do from birth to 8 weeks. Then you would continue to socialize them with your children. All children need to be supervised with puppies, as this is for the child's and puppy's safety. 

Are French Bulldogs good with other dogs?
This is very much a matter of personality combined with experience.  For any individual dog, it is a question that must be tested to find the answer.  Be sure that the test is supervised at all times. Try using the Playyard I mentioned earlier to introduce them.  While they are protected, observe your other dog’s reaction and the Frenchie’s response.  Sooner or later, a puppy may attempt to establish dominance in some cases with smaller or more submissive dogs.  So far I have found them to be great with other dogs.  I have a Yorkie and they love each other.

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?
Yes with daily routine and training.  They will do anything for yummy treats!  They can also be very stubborn and hardheaded if you allow them.  If you make it a game they’ll want to play all the time.  Frenchies are often considered people pleasers and love to be the center of attention.

Do Frenchies snore?
Yes, Frenchies can snore and some are rather loud.  Snoring is also aggravated by breathing deficiencies.

Do French Bulldogs have a lot of health problems? 

French Bulldogs, like any pure bred dog have their own issues that can arise within the breed. Frenchies are brachycephalic (flat faced, like pugs, English bulldogs etc.) they can not tolerate the heat well. They are predisposed to have issues with elongated soft pallet, narrowed trachea, or stenotic (pinched) nares that make breathing in the best conditions harder, than for a non-brachycephalic breed of dog. Even though they are predisposed to these health concerns, frenchies are considered they healthiest among other bulldog breeds.


What are some breathing problems?
ometimes you may find a Frenchie that is noisy or has labored breathing.  They may have a longer tongue or an excessive soft palate that is obstructing their airway.  Smaller nose openings can exaggerate their already noisy breathing characteristics.  Note:  Other symptoms of elongated soft palate are spitting up or regurgitating food or foam frequently.  Consult your veterinarian for corrective alternatives.

What about feeding?
Be aware of artificial preservatives and excessive protein and fillers.  Some dogs may have allergic reactions to certain commercial foods.  Read the label and know what suits your dog’s needs best.  Consult your veterinarian if your dog experiences food allergies.   Small bag of the food your puppy is currently eating will be a part of the package you receive, this way you can continue that food or slowly transition to a food you feel is better suited.  I have though researched dog food extensively and have found Farmina to be the best!   It's imported from Italy where their standards supersede USA's!  It's human grade, GMO free, no meal or by product fillers.  May seem higher in price but you feed less which in turn lasts longer.  Look at the ingredients of the dog food, if the word meal is one of the first ingredients then don't feed them that.  If you see byproducts or filler, avoid the food!  I do avoid food that are chicken or pork as well.  Fish is a great option!  For puppies I start them on Farmina Lamb & blueberry ancestral line or the Ocean line Cod & oranges.  You can get the mini breed size of kibble and then change them to the medium & maxi.  I stick to the ancestral line as it has organic spelt & oats as their grain.  They also offer quinoa as well.  Water:  I use bottled purified water, seems to prevent tear stains.


Treats & Toys?  

Butcher Block treats, mine love the beef tips and or the liver beef tips!  They love antlers! I buy split antlers so they can get to the marrow easily.  I order mine from Broken Aspen, tell her Diana from MiamiBlueFrenchbulldogs referred you!  Here's a link for 10% off click link:

The antlers are freshly gathered from the Utah forests!  Unlike the store bought which are processed and a lot older.  Great treats and you may already have in your home would be fruit!  Yes yummy organic fruit!  Apples (no seeds or the center core), bananas, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, pears, peaches, raspberries and much more!  Text me if you would like a chart of the foods you can and cant feed.

Toys:  They love kong toys, ropes and balls.  Cheap toys water bottles, yes water bottles lol but when they break take them away!  Bullysticks are also great for them to chew on.  Get the odor free ones or you wont like the smell lol  

Potty training?
Your puppy will be potty trained when she/he leaves me to your home.  Trained to a training pad.  Some dogs are harder than others.  Crate training is very helpful in house breaking.  A dog perceives it as their “cave” and usually will not soil it.  Develop a routine after they eat, before bed and first thing in the morning, and be consistent. That’s the key!   A minimum of three potty breaks a day are necessary.  For puppies, potty breaks should be every one to two hours or more frequent.  Remember a puppy’s little bladders may not be under control as quickly as we’d like, so be positive and reward then after they have gone outside to potty.  A puppy can usually hold their bladder for as long as their age, example 3 months 3 hours, 6 months 6 hours, etc..  Make it a big deal!  As a puppy the set up I use and seems to work is a baby playyard (8 panels) with their crate (bed inside crate) on one side food & water and toys in middle and their peepee pad on the opposite end.  The playyard is great to use when you cant watch your puppy, bedtime or when you leave them for hours alone.  Gives them a place to sleep, play and potty.

Diapers for dogs?  I recommend Britches for Bitches by Stacy Read.  They are custom made to your dog!  All you need is a woman's feminine pad to line it with.  You can find her on Facebook or text me and I can send her info to you.

Do Frenchie's shed?
Very little. These dogs are single coated and shed less than most other breeds.  Also depends on their nutrition. 

How do I find a vet familiar with French Bulldogs?
Finding a vet that is familiar with bulldog breeds is very important if you are considering adding a Frenchie to your family. If you are local to South Florida we will most certainly recommend some great vets, if not we can find a breeder in your area and hopefully make a connection to see what Veterinarian they use in your area. 

If I don't live in Florida how can I get my puppy?
We hand deliver all of our puppies to the closest airport to you.  They do not fly in cargo!  They sit on our lap!

How can I pay for my puppy? 
We accept cash, Zelle bank transfer for the deposits and for the balance due upon delivery cash, if flying balance due morning of departure.   

How do I place a deposit? 
When we start accepting deposits for puppies, you will be able to place them via zelle. bank transfer or cash. Once a deposit is placed, a contract will be signed. Any deposit placed is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason, so please be sure before you send one.  Deposit are non refundable due to the fact that I am considering the puppy sold and turning away all other potential buyers. We guarantee the health and quality of our puppies. Once a deposit is placed and a contract is signed, the puppy will be reserved for you until he/she is ready to go to their new home. Deposits to hold the puppy are 50% of the puppy.  A deposit is not intended for you to have more time to think about getting the puppy or not. We do not hold puppies for people to "think about it", chances are another family is considering the same puppy, to ensure you get the puppy you want, then you must place a deposit. Puppies will need to be paid for by the time they reach 7 weeks of age, so we can make travel arrangements within the next week for when they are 8 weeks old. 

How much do your puppies cost?
Puppy prices start at $5,000. Puppies are priced based on conformation, pedigree, color, and registration. 

What does my puppy come with when you buy a puppy from us?
The puppy will come with 1st set of shots, dewormed, microchip, 6 weeks free health insurance, DNA health tested parents, 1 year health guarantee, lifetime breeder support and a Florida health certificate from a licensed Veterinarian. When puppies fly to their new homes a health certificate is required by law. I also will provide you with pictures from day puppy is born until they leave to you, Facetime calls when requested, pics and or videos.  I also send with puppy a goodie bag filled with a starter bed or blanket, harness, leash, training pads, and chew toys!  BEST of all your puppy comes potty trained and very well socialized with children, people and dogs.  
Do you provide care instructions or consultations after purchase?
Yes, I make sure I am always available to answer any questions you may have, help you find a good veterinarian in your area, anything you may need we will help you the best we can! You will receive a puppy package after purchasing one of our puppies, it will come with informational material to help you and your Frenchie better understand each other ( now online). It also includes toys, a blanket from home with the scent of Momma and their litter mates, to help with their first few nights in their new home. You can as well mail us a shirt of yours so they are familiar with your scent.  We are also always available to help you or answer any questions you have. We want to ensure you and your puppy have the best life together, and we like to form long lasting relationships with our puppy's new home, we love updates, photos and for you to keep in touch with us! 

Can I purchase or reserve more than one puppy?
es, you can reserve more than one puppy if we have more available.

How soon can I have the puppy?
he puppy can leave our home after he/she turns 8 weeks old.

Can I see the puppy or mother before I decide to purchase?
Yes, pictures of mother and puppy will always be available, but we do not allow in-person viewing.  Unless its prior to the females heat, then I can meet you some where.  We do not do this to hide how our puppies or adults are kept, we do this for the safety of ourselves and of our dogs. We do offer videos and face-time.  Hope you can understand this decision as it was a difficult one to make. 

Do you offer a refund on deposits or purchases?
No, we don't offer a refund once we accept the non-refundable deposit.  

I want a puppy for breeding - do you do this?
Our puppies are sold with 'Limited Rights' with a Spay/Neuter Contract, puppies that are bred that were sold on Limited Rights are in breach of their contract, and legal action will be pursued unless we have made other arrangements with the buyer, puppies purchased for "Full Rights" are considered on a case by case basis, we do not sell to kennel breeders.  We want to make sure that all of our puppies are in loving homes.

How do I find a trainer that can help me understand my French Bulldog? 
If you are local to south Florida we always recommend some trainers. 


Cleaning your floors:  Please avoid using any kind of cleaning products that are not organic.  A simple inexpensive way is 60% Vinegar & 40% water and or Odorban.

What is the best way to get a hold of you if I have more questions?
Feel free to text, email or call us.  Go to our contact screen for all of our information.

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